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New licenses for ELV and battery waste management

The new licenses for End-of-Life Vehicles and Battery Waste management were released to VALORCAR on June 30th. They were assigned by the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA), and by the General Directorate of Economic Activities, and approved by the members of the Government responsible for the areas of economy and the environment.

The new licenses present some differences compared to the previous ones, of which the following stand out: the increase in the validity period to 10 years, the need to set up a deposit (in favor of APA), the obligation to set up reserves between 10% and 40% of total expenses, and carrying out Reuse and Preparation for Reuse actions.

The ELV management license provides for post-fragmentation separation campaigns to promote the recovery of fragmentation waste and an increased focus on the tracking and appropriate treatment of hazardous substances. Regarding the batterias, two new categories are included - electric vehicles and light means of transport - as well as new targets for collection, recycling and recovery of materials, in line with the European Regulation on battery waste published in 2023.