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VALORCAR NETWORK recycled more than 101 thousand ELV in 2023

During 2022, a total of 101,315 End of Life Vehicles (ELV) were recycled in Portugal, a figure that represents a decrease of 7.5% over 2022.

The average age of the vehicle, which is now 24,3 years old, continues to rise, reflecting the aging of the national car fleet.

Opel Corsa was the model with more units delivered for end of life, reaching about 7,7% of the total volume, followed by Renault Clio (7,3%) and Fiat Punto (5,7%).

As for brands, Renault was the one with most ELV, reaching about 16,6% of the total volume, followed by Opel (13,5%) and Fiat (9,1%).